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It's What We Are All About that really matters

Yes, it's what we are all about that really matters and we are all about you and getting you the most affordable boat insurance as a member of our Purchasing Group.  Most everyone agrees that Group Insurance is far superior to individual insurance and this fundamental reality is the foundation upon which we built our company.  Our mission is to secure exceptionally affordable boat insurance for our membership comprised of outboard boat owners and especially owners with four, five, and six outboards.


 The fact that we are the only Federal Risk Purchasing Group created for Outboard Boat Owners makes us different. More importantly, how we operate makes us what over one million boaters have been waiting and looking for.  Our Company is unique because we are not dedicated or focused on profits. We don't sell or promote products, receive sales commissions from manufacturers, or do anything other than create & administer a Federal Risk Purchasing Group for you with the sole mission of securing you, the outboard boat owner, affordable insurance. Our Company's focus is on the Outboard Boat Owner's needs & concerns.  Our Company is Your Company because everything we do, offer, or create as a member benefit is exclusively for you, our member outboard boat owner.  Many describe us as a national movement for boat ownership  "affordability" 



A Federal Risk Purchasing Group

Qualified members may participate in our Insurance Purchasing Group making the "purchasing power" of the group work for their benefit by securing quality insurance at the most affordable premium. 

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Everyone Needs One 

Members enjoy access to our nationwide network of insurance consultants who offer assistance in creating an acceptable "No Loss" Hurricane Plan acceptable to most all insurance companies -plus- access to our member directory of boat yards and boat captains that stand ready to move and protect your boat when the hurricane warnings go up.   The AOBOpg has a nationwide network of  professionals ready to assist all members with their insurance needs regardless of the size of the Boat

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Marine Products & Services 

Members enjoy special "member only" discounts nationwide on almost everything marine. 

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Uniting the marine industry for the benefit of boat owners

The AOBOpg has undertaken the monumental task of uniting the marine industry to create an exclusive insurance product for boat owners allowing responsible boat owners to purchase superior coverage at affordable rates.  The Project has as its foundation a self-insurance retention fund that is funded by tax-deductible contributions made by industry sponsors. This self-insurance retention fund is the key factor used by AOBOpg in creating a group insurance product that brings back affordability to the boat insurance marketplace for the responsible & experienced boat owner.  

For the first time in history, the marine industry will be able to help itself by playing a major role, as a sponsor, in creating an insurance program that will benefit the boat owners who purchase all of the goods & services that make the marine industry an industry.  

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